Frank J. Montoya


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry
Awarded: December 20, 2004
I wish I could go home for Christmas
But here I sit in a muddy trench in France.
Next year I’ll be there with the ones I love,
If the Lord above gives me one more chance.

If I could be home for the holidays,
What a wonderful thing it would be.
But tomorrow we parachute across the Rhine,
In support of Operation Varsity.

It’s been so long since I’ve heard from home;
Christmas there was always so green and bright.
Here we can only dream of those wondrous times.
Guadalcanal has become a long and bloody fight.

Everyone says we’ll be home this time next year,
They say this war in Korea can’t last till then,
And I’ll have the Merriest Christmas of them all;
With peace and love and good will toward men.

I know that I’ll be home for the holidays.
The Nurse said that I’ll be med-evac’d today.
A Viet Cong rocket was an early Christmas gift.
My leg is gone… but I’ll be going home to stay.

I wanted a wonderful Christmas at home this year.
But now it seems that I won’t be there.
The U.N. has decreed: Kuwait must be freed,
And we have been sent here to do our share.

We’ll have to decorate whatever is at hand.
Afghanistan has so few trees, of any kind;
But if I make it home, I swear: Next year,
I’ll have the tallest, greenest tree that I can find.

If I could leave Iraq… just for the holidays
I’d do what I should have done so long before:
I would gather all my friends and loved ones,
And say: “I love you all, and will, forevermore.”

Christmas is always lonely when you’re far away.
And if ever a dream came true, it would be this:
That all mankind could share this blessed time,
At home…with those we love, in joyful bliss.