Frank J. Montoya


Have you ever marched in quick-time,
To a sharp and strutting marching band;
To the “Stars and Stripes Forever”,
Or any march that honors our beloved land?

And when someone sings our Country’s Anthem,
Have you ever proudly stood and sang along?
Can you sing “America, the Beautiful”
Or “God Bless America”, a grand and glorious song?

Have you ever stood tall with respect and pride,
Those times when Old Glory passes by?
With hand over heart, with brimming eyes,
Have you ever breathed a devoted, grateful sigh?

Have you ever gone to hear the words,
That are spoken on Veterans or Memorial Day?
In parks and burial grounds throughout the world,
Our heroes are recalled and honored, where they lay.

Have you ever seen the Monuments to our Warriors,
Such as the Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall;
The Korean Memorial or that of World War II?
They pay tribute to those we sent to fight… to fall.

Have you ever said: “I thank you, one and all”
To those who bravely serve in uniform today;
Or to those who fought in dreadful wars gone by?
You still have time… before they go their way.

If you have ever taken part in all these things,
Hold your head up high, with pride and dignity.
You know why you are fortunate and truly blessed,
To be alive today in this “Sweet Land of Liberty”.