Clive Mitchell-Taylor

Clive Mitchell-TaylorClive is a retired Army officer and has now also retired from his civilian employment with a large government department.

Over the last 20 years he has held a number of positions within the ex-Service community, including National, ACT and NSW President of the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia, State Vice-President of the Returned and Services League and President of the Veterans Indemnity and Training Association.

Clive is a Justice of the Peace and has also held a number of positions within his local Gundaroo community.

He manages web sites and acts as technology advisor for ex-Service organisations including the Royal Australian Regiment Foundation, the Australian Capital Territory branch of the Returned and Services League of Australia and the New South Wales Branch of the VVAA.

Clive was awarded the Centenary Medal in 2001 for service to veterans and the Medal of the Order of Australia in the Australia Day Honours List 2010 for services to Vietnam veterans and the community.


I read the papers and despair,
It seems that people just don’t care
With thinking comes the realisation,
it’s not the measure of our nation

Fringe-dwellers all, they sell the news
but very few agree their views
And as our population grows
More of them are on the nose

Post World War One, depression bit,
A flu pandemic also hit
Folks born then had simple needs
Word as bond and selfless deeds

They stood the test in World War Two
But held a dream for me and you –
A peaceful world, a better life
An end to all the war and strife

Employment grew in post-war boom
Migration filled some empty room
Italian, Greek and 10 quid Pom
It doesn’t matter where you’re from!

Different habits, different food
Hard-working migrants, most made good
Family first, then education
Helped to make a good strong nation

But somewhere in the mixing
Our sense of fair play’s just gone missing
Word as bond is the exception
Second now to litigation

Computer games distort our view
Just <PLAY AGAIN> to live anew
They strive to win at any cost
And this becomes our nation’s loss.

But look around at those YOU know
The ones you love and taught to grow
Old values are the ones they treasure
Time for work and time for leisure

A fair day’s work for fair day’s pay
Eight hours off for them to play
Volunteering is their way
Giving of themselves each day

All’s not lost, there is a light
They’ll fight for what they think is right
They live and love, they work and share
And balance those who do not care.

Author’s Note: A Tribute to my children, Paul and Rebecca