Thomas R. Milne, Sr


We are children of war
We fight, we kill, we destroy
We can never be free from our feelings
Our desires are our lust for life

We can never wash ourselves clean for what we have done; He can.
Nor can we rid ourselves of the stains of blood we have shed
The terror that lives in our minds and bodies daily
Memories of those that love died, and for what, by our hand

Every time one person dies by our hand
We lose a little of our life
Each drop of blood that spills upon the ground
Is one less drop of blood in our own body, and we are closer to death

Our eyes are like souls of the un-dead watching
We see and yet we cannot feel
We live yet we are like the walking dead
Life has lost its meaning and we end up as those souls that are no more

We are the soldiers of the present and the past
We are the men and women who stand guard for eternity
We must stand our ground for those less fortunate
Our souls are all we have between eternal damnation and us

We must stand and be with our Lord
We must never lose faith in He who made us in His likeness
Stand and join your souls with me and all mankind
Our Lord God will heal all of our wounds, mental and physical.