Thomas R. Milne, Sr


We landed here in a foreign land
Where there is no such thing as a friend of man
Our only thoughts are of home and God
Loved ones safe and Freedom Grand.

Blood flows like water every day
Bullets whiz and come our way
But though it all our Faith is strong
God stands beside us all day long.

Many of us will fall and die
Some will come home and some will hide
But through it all at our right hand
God will lead us back and to his side.

So when that freedom bird does come
And we at last can leave this blood soaked ground
Breath with ease and our bodies finally rest
God will stand at our side with open hands of peace.

So to all of you who have come this far
And fought with Pride, your honour is still intact
We who have arrived home shall wait, a VIGIL to stand
Till your final return.

You our brother and sister, take note
We here have not forgotten you.
Our Prayers for you sing out to God
On Wings of Eagles for your return, to us who care.