Thomas R. Milne, Sr


I have a friend in this my town,
who served so far away in Nam;
who served with me on blood soaked ground
where friends died, so many.

We fought the enemy side by side,
hand to hand, and back to back.
We could not lose!
We were Canadian
and kept the pride in our Flag,
flying it high and proud.

Together with death all around,
we stood our ground
for our brothers.
Blood was on our clothes
and our hands were stained so very red

Death stalked us ere we went
and shadowed every move we made.
And there,
within the darkness our souls,
we would stand the night, a vigil.

Each breath we took could be our last,
tensions grew mighty fast
Each day could be our last,
but it would pass
as does the night itself

But friends we are and friends we will stay
and no man can take that away
To stand together
near or far
time and space has no barrier,
for we are proud veterans

I found my blackest days
when they told me you had died and gone.
Part of me left without a trace
for you, my brother,
would be in a happy place,

Killed, to save a friend,
a veteran’s reward to defend,
cold, cold ground to lie within
A short man standing tall,
no man could put to shame,
man among men my friend.

One day I was home
within a mall
not knowing really where I was at all
A shout rang out above the noise
“Bo-Ku-Sou”, “Sin-loi”, “Dinky Dou”

My face turned white,
my mouth went dry and dropped,
my eyes searched the crowd.
not thirty feet away was he,
my friend,
not dead but very much alive.

Our arms flew up,
tears rolled down our cheeks.
This could not be for you had died
we had found
that death had finally taken a holiday
and you had returned.

God brought my friend
across the great divide and home to us who care
Friends and brothers-in-arms home
to watch each other’s back,
friends to the end of time.

Author’s Note: This is in Dedication to a very close friend here in Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canadian Vietnam Veteran, John C. LeBlanc, a former Green Beret