Thomas R. “Robie” Milne, Jr


Hello, you do not know me but I am the son of a Canadian Vietnam Veteran… and proud of it. It is hard some days when Dad gets depressed and sinks back into situations that he has from when he was in the war, but when he was there it was “ Kill or be killed “ and that takes a toll on any person, man or woman.

I know that Dad loves us boys but he sometimes sits by himself and stares into space thinking about those that he has killed, not by choice but by the law of the jungle, since it was a jungle that he was fighting in back then. Even now that he is home here in Canada where he was born, people sometimes make cracks to him about being a child killer and a Freedom fighter. Dad says that if he did not do this, someone worse than he might have gotten in there and more bloodshed would have been spilled than was.

My Dad has come to meet our Lord and now he goes around helping veterans and their families where he can, and people do not laugh at him as much as before and there are not as many jokes made. But where ever Dad goes our Lord travels with him and a smile has finally come across my father’s face instead of fear.

Dad still cannot go into a department store without me watching his back. He still asks me to do this but it seems to be getting better now that God has Dad in His hands. I know that God will not allow anyone to harm him because Dad always says he is doing God’s work in Jesus name. Jesus is always on Dads lips now, not the language that he used to speak all the time so I know that things are better. If tomorrow God took him, Dad would be up there standing guard for God and Jesus in Jesus Army fighting the Devil that plagues us here on earth at this time.

I am proud of my Dad he has fought a battle and has come out of it not as a whole person as before but as a person knowing where he is going and not letting anyone stop him in his quest for Freedom and what our Lord has asked him to do for Him, Jesus and for others.

I also want to thank you people in Australia and all Dad’s friends in the United States for the support that you have given Dad. Just contacting Dad as you do has brightened Dad’s everyday life, so God bless you all.

Thomas R. “Robie” Milne, JrI am sorry; I forgot to tell you all who I am.

I am Thomas R. Milne Jr.; Robie for short, and Dad’s second oldest, the son of Thomas R. Milne Sr. Dad’s other sons are John P. Milne who is the youngest, and Rae E.R. Milne who is the oldest and we are all very proud of our father. We all would like to join the Military but Dad says that we should only do this if it is what we really want to do and not because we want to follow in his footsteps. We must live our own lives and not live like he did. He is correct and we love him for this also. Dad explained to us that Freedom is Not Free and comes with a very High Price, and takes many people’s lives when they pay the Supreme Sacrifice – their own lives – for Freedom.

Our mother, Dad says, is even more of a veteran than he is since has put up with all Dad’s nightmares and flashbacks now for over 23 years at the time of this writing. For this she should get more than the Medal of Honor on a daily bases.

I will go now, but once again thank you all for what no other person or people would do here in Canada, you stood with my father when he needed someone to stand with him in his time of need. You will always be honoured by all of us here; you are my Dad’s friends for life.

God bless you all!

His son,