Melissa Miller

Melissa lives in Indiana, USA


I am not in shock
nor am I in awe
of the images I’ve seen
the writings gone from the wall.
Proud Mothers and Fathers
jumping from each call,
hoping and praying
that their leader did not drop the ball.
turn the channel;
shut off the box
but still, it remains
right here on Fox.
Sick fascination some people say
if it was your kid
you’d be the same way
Please show just a glimpse
of my son over there
they all look the same,
I think it’s the hair
Is he proud of himself?
does he know we are?
I want to hug him;
he’s just too far.
Strange to know a War hero he is
when not too long ago,
he was just a kid
A kid who never did give a shit
would start a fight,
and throw a fit
over taking out the trash…
(did that sound crass?)
A Man he will be
stepping off of that plane
looking like his Grandfather,
heroes the same.
Some things common
they will now have
they will share war stories
they will shed tears
the worst thing they will say
simply was the fear;
“Will I freeze to death here at the Chosin?”
“Will I ever see my Mom?”
“Man, that was one helluva bomb”
Staring proudly thru tears
at the salad on his chest,
Dad and I will be there,
looking our best.

Author’s Note: Written about April 2003, approximately a month after the commencement of “Operation Shock ‘n’ Awe” in Iraq, for my Step-son LCpl Kyle Miller USMC, a veteran of the War in Iraq. The poem also references Kyle’s Grandfather, who is a returned Marine… “One of the Chosin Few”