Sandy Mellish

Warrant Officer Frank Robert Mellish, CD
Warrant Officer Frank Robert Mellish, CD
Sandy is the Mother of a Canadian Hero, 38 year old Warrant Officer Frank Robert Mellish, CD, from Truro, Nova Scotia who was KIA during a ground offensive while serving in Afghanistan with the 1st Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment, on September 3, 2006


We are those who return home
Our mission for now complete
We did our job quite well they say
For we have our arms, our legs and feet

But look a little closer friend
If you would or if you dare
There is so much just not right with me
And I wonder if you care?

The pain goes deep and always present
Yet no wounds there will you find
I close my eyes to ease it some
And my fallen comrades come to mind

Hold high your head they tell us
For you must soldier on
How fortunate are you after all
With so many good troops gone

So I ask myself this question
Time and time again
Why not me to fall that fateful day
Why must it be my friends

The answer is not forthcoming
I whisper a prayer within
Lord, take this burden from me
These nightmares of the men
I close my eyes and gently he takes me.
Home to be with him

The worst of wounds, He tells me
Are those that can not be seen
There’re often found in soldiers
Who some forget too are human beings

My earthly journey has ended now
And sadly it is I have chosen this to be
Now I ask of you just this one last thing
If you would only do this now for me

If while on your life journey
You should see a soldier standing there
Walk up to them and shake the hand
Of one whose efforts state “I Care”
For others in a strange and foreign land
And whose comrades may yet be there

For what they’ve seen and accomplished
You and I can never ever hope
To understand or know
For they stepped up ~ put their life on the line
When they were called and asked to go

On tarmacs in the raging heat
They line up side by side
In uniform they bravely salute
And yes some of these may cry
For on this day they gather
To bid yet another friend good bye

So many comrades they send off home
In flag draped coffins to the sky
And always in their hearts they knew
“There but by the Grace of God Go I”

There can be no closure for these troops
Left standing here now in this dreaded place
For them the sense they have today about this pain they face
Is one that even all of time ~ will surely not erase

Author’s Note: I dedicate this to the Soldiers who are suffering with PTSD. May they find the help they need in a country that has to step up to the plate just as these brave soldiers have done for their country.