Nancy L. Meek


We pray you’re not still fighting
to remain here in this realm
doing battle with war and sorrow
and with pains that overwhelm;
for there, across the river,
lies a better place than this,
in the land of milk and honey
filled with supernal bliss.

We pray you have pulled up anchor,
that your ship has left our port,
that you’ve reached that pristine shore
of God’s Heavenly resort,
that you’re walking with our Father
on His streets of purest gold,
and that your dear departed mother
is there for you to hold.

We pray your journey is now over
and that you won’t be coming back,
although we’ll miss you terribly.
It’s the plain and tearful fact.
But, Col, what friends would we be
if we thought of only “our” need
and failed to love you as Jesus would?
Therefore, sail on, friend, and “Godspeed!”

Submitted for the October 2012 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Colin F. Jones ~ Wordsmith and Friend