Nancy L. Meek


Too many more have died,
true patriots one and all.
We know al-qaeda’s smiling
at each one as they fall.

Our towers fell in seconds,
but not our soldiers brave.
Our prez would not allow it,
not with a world to save.

He won’t sit back and wait
until they come for us.
He’ll send however many
to kill them first or bust.

Though some do march in protest,
a pissed-off horde will not.
They’ll fight until we’ve won
with everything we’ve got.

It may take years or decades
to kill them one and all,
but come one day, by prez,
each one of them will fall.

He’ll topple any nation
if need be to survive,
because we love ourselves
and want to stay alive.

He won’t allow bin laden
to score a new attack.
So… flushing out his cronies,
he lured them to Iraq.

They hunker deep in caves
like rats inside a hole,
devising ways to kill us,
each and every soul.

That’s why it’s better there
than here upon our shore.
Never mind the innocent
murdered in this war.

It’s sad our foes can’t see
we’d leave them all alone,
if only they would give us
that oil we think we own.