Nancy L. Meek


God bless our brave exceptional heroes
serving their country by fighting our foes
heart and mind constantly in the thick of it;
their loved ones back home too-worried sick,
fearing any second more will meet their fate,
wanting them to come home before it’s too late,
not added to the list of those already killed,
their duties now done, their hearts now stilled.

Our heroes, going where they might very well die,
put their lives on the bottom line, on a patriotic high
for their homes, jobs, freedom, Mom’s apple pie,
FOOTBALL, a good education none can deny;
shoving Democracy, come hell or deep water,
down the throats of each naive son and daughter
this world over, who know not what they’re missing,
for they’ve never had it, or so some keep insisting.

But either way, God bless our obedient heroes,
flushing out the enemy wherever it stealthily goes.
Pray for our leaders in their every decision,
that no war they begin will end in untold division,
in nations rising against nations, a chilling thought
but not far-fetched if we would think like we ought,
fighting no war until fresh out of willing heroes
eager to fight for a cause impossible to impose.