Nancy L. Meek


Over time, our tears will slow,
Although it doesn’t seem so now
September morns will come and go
Distilling the sorrow somehow

And each year we will remember
The day our skies rained with terror
Brought to mind every September
Effecting us then, now and forever

Again we will open up our hearts
Allowing the pain to flow in and out
From deep down where the healing starts
Still searching for answers, without doubt

We’ll never understand the reasons why
Death, to some, doesn’t mean a thing
We just do our best to hold our heads high
While to a bigger picture, we try to cling

We stand reverently, offering flowers
As if they can fully convey our sense of loss
For those caught in those falling towers
Whether spouse, friend or company boss

All around us, we watch others mourn
Tissue in hand, wiping away the tears
Looking for something good to be born
From all of this, to help us through the years

We’ll remember the heroes among the dead
In New York, the Pentagon and in those planes
And those who dug through debris until they bled
Deep into the winter, spring and summer rains

When duty called, without question or pause
The rescue crew ran in, as others ran out
Obeying one of God’s most sacred laws.
To the very hilt, the Golden Rule played out

There were so many who gave until it hurt
Only resting so they could give some more
To help rescue a brother, a nation, from the dirt
To surmount the evil pouncing upon our shore

Then there were those who stood in line
To give food, aid and blood to those in need
Doing whatever they could… surely a sign
Something good would arise from the deed

When September the Eleventh rolls around
This time again next year, and the one after that
We’ll look once more to that consecrated ground
United to rise above each heinous inhumane act

Love for our brothers will make us stronger
This horrible tragedy helping us to see
We cannot close our eyes to evil any longer
Stand quietly by and watch the killing spree

We’ve accepted a great challenge on this earth
Waging a relentless battle against the foe
Intercepting their plans for all we’re worth
So we all may feel safe wherever we go

We must not let our blessed heroes die in vain
Who took up their cross to save their fellow man
From barbarians who know only death and pain
Whose beliefs are twisted by Satan’s hand

The One we trust can be found on the bill
Declaring to the world our guide of choice
His commandment to love can be heard still
When we hear “Let’s Roll!”, we hear His voice

For surely no greater love has any man
Than to lay down his life for a friend
Love for the weaker ones made them stand
To fight those terrorists till the bitter end

For that is our nature, our nation as a whole
It’s what our country is and ever will be made of
Ever aspiring, reaching, for that glorious goal
Captured afterward in a snap-shot year of love

For “Love” in this picture is clearly visible
One nation… under God. Indivisible
With Liberty and Justice for all!
United, we stand. Divided we fall!

E Pluribus Unum… Out of Many, One
One nation joined in Quest of Right
A Portal for those who seek the Sun
A Torch to all in the darkest night

With steadfast courage, we won’t falter,
We’ll prevail. We’ll see the victory won
We’ll not bow down to the devil’s altar.
A cloud of dust trying to hide the Son!

We won’t dwell on the negative when terrors rain
We’ll embrace the positive, for there’s the gain
So when September Morning comes, look above.
For there is the source of the force called “Love”!