Nancy L. Meek


I don’t pray that God be on my side,
but that I humbly serve on His.
Let His kingdom come, His will be done
on earth and all there is.

I don’t pray for souls to die,
but that they might see the light,
that is, should it be God’s will
they make it through the night.

I don’t pray on busy streets,
but in the closet of my mind
where hangs the Word of God;
my cloak against the blind.

I don’t pray for earthly things,
for He gives me all I need
as I journey through this realm,
a temporal world indeed.

I don’t pray for instant answers,
lest they fall within His plan
devised from the beginning
before He breathed a man.

I don’t pray because I have to,
but from love for who God is,
the Creator of that love
and all He deems as His.

I don’t pray because I need to;
but hmmm… perhaps I do.
What the heck, it sure can’t hurt,
what with another war in view.