Nancy L. Meek


We’ll offer them shoulders to cry on
Let them know we really do care
Give them love, as amour, to fight on
With promises we’ll always be there

For, indeed, no man should suffer alone
In the aftermath of battle so grim
On the trail of tears leading to home
Seeing no light at the tunnel’s end

Many feel their sacrifices were in vain
The guilt of survival raining on any dreams
The roll of the dice confounding the brain
Chemical warfare gaining on them, it seems

No, the war is not over by a long shot
Affecting the veteran forevermore
Informing those who saw battle not
Who only imagine the blood, guts and gore

Therefore, here we stand at the ready
Extending a hand of hope through the air
Praying our love will hold them steady
As they deal with their loss and despair

Immaculate crosses, flags at half-mast
Greet brothers bearing their pain
Buddies-in-waiting, resurrecting the past
Their masks holding fast in the rain

The “Consequences of War” Trilogy

Part 1: Aftermath by Colin F. Jones
Part 2: What Can We Offer? By Nancy L. Meek
Part 3: Reply To: What Can We Offer? By Colin F. Jones