Nancy L. Meek


Because he has no wars to tend,
he’s got more time to spare
to pluck a feather from the wind
then pen some poems to share.

Don’t get me wrong; he’s done a lot
since returning from the war.
He gave his three kids all he’s got,
so, they gave him seven more.

He helped our wounded soldiers heal
and he does it still today,
because it’s what he loves to do.
He’s awesome in that way.

He gives much credit to his bride
who brought out his very best,
“A miracle”, he’d state with pride.
It must be a marriage blessed.

He paints, he writes, he heals the sick.
He’s truly quite the man,
a leader, a father, and one I’d pick
when the feces hits the fan.

So, open wide with hearty “Ahhhhs”
for our Kerry “Doc” Pardue,
truly deserving thunderous applause
for all that he loves to do.

Inspired by the poem, “All I Want For Christmas, 2011” – ©Copyright December 2011 by Kerry “Doc” Pardue