Nancy L. Meek


Then or now, strong currents come
to right the wrongs men have done
searching for a way out of the pit
embraced by a vision in spite of it
From stalin to hitler to bin laden
silence of the truly down-trodden
echoes to forever within the soul
propelling our youth toward a goal

Boys in combat astride steel horses
maneuver muddy demanding courses
searching for that elusive enemy...
who breathes just like you and me
yet lives to keep mankind in tow
lest he know heaven here below
peace and tranquility a dire state
in his eyes, misery the better fate

Yet boys with true grit will never stand
idly by, ignoring the carnage grand
the oppressed left...destined to die
because their duty demands they try
to save their brothers from evil men
trapped on this planet laced with sin
Here they are again! So, make way!
It's the Cavalry, come to save the day!

All will fight and some will survive
and some will not make it back alive
but know this: In the arena of war
what matters most lay at the core
in the very heart and marrow of man
'tis love eclipsing any satanic plan
burning brighter than any fire of hell
'tis the desire for others to live well

The golden rule marches in boots
stepping to the tune of noble roots
storming over the sands of time
in seemingly endless combat rhyme
facing very possible horrible death
with every exhausting honorable breath
doing for you what you'd do for him
knowing the chances of that are slim.

Riding on chariots above the din
heart pumping needed adrenalin
he does what he must, lest he die
and the other side wins by and by
sailing over oceans of deepest blue
he dreams of returning home to you
If he does, put your best smile on
but not for the boy. He will be gone!