Nancy L. Meek


They think that you’re unstable
and bordering on “mad”,
“insane” or something worse
which might be very bad
for you, my friend, there fighting
to flee that awful place,
for everywhere you turn,
they’re right up in your face
telling you, you cannot leave,
and that, to me, is crap,
for you’re a volunteer,
not some rat they need to trap.

You say you do not trust them.
Well, they now feel the same,
and will watch your every move
as they play their little game
which reeks of mind control
until you do their bidding
or there you will remain
and I am not just kidding!
So, until you gain their trust,
they will never let you go,
which is terribly unjust,
but the only way they know.

They’re just obeying orders.
It’s the doc who holds the key
and whom you must impress
before they’ll set you free.
So, put your glad mask on
and play their little game.
Think of it as acting
like in a play… it’s all the same.
And soon, you’ll have them doubting
why they lost their trust in you.
Who knows? You might just win
an Oscar when you’re through.

A response to the ugly incident described in the poem, “The Disturbance” ~ ©Copyright May 14, 2007 by Mark I. Kirkmeyer