Nancy L. Meek


Where do we look for the answers we need
In dealing with these heinous attacks
What will it take for our world to be freed
Of this evil breathing down our backs

How do we stop the nightmares from coming
Find some semblance of peace in our lives
As rumors of war fill our ears, ever-drumming
Summoning visions where no one survives

What will it take to ease the relentless torment
Hearing, “Why doesn’t Daddy come home?”
What should we be doing? What is important?
Why can’t they just leave the peaceful alone?

So many questions, so few answers to be found
We plod on day after day, some unable to sleep
Our feet somehow moving across the ground
Hearts churning from emotions running deep

Bin Laden and his cronies will not turn themselves in
Compounding the problem, with no quick fix in sight
Cowards! Allowing more to die because of their sin
They slither, like snakes, into some hole in the night

Thank The Almighty we can hold on to each other
As we grope our way through the uncomfortable dark
United, drawing strength from the hand of our brother
Meeting the quest on which we’re forced to embark