Nancy L. Meek


“The Stare” ~ ©Copyright October 2003 by Nancy L. Meek
“The Stare”
©Copyright October 2003 by Nancy L. Meek

IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: January 1, 2004
Awarded: January 1, 2004
Give me back the man I married, not
this shell-shocked version staring
somewhere off into the distance, afraid
of his own shadow… of the moon…
of arms reaching out, intent only on caring,
distrusting all who come too close
to the thorn embedded in his heart.

Where were you when I knelt, praying
“Bring him home to me alive and well, not
battered, beaten, incessantly dreaming
of ghosts dressed in black pajamas, grinning…
slithering through jungle grasses, thick-as-thieves
patiently waiting to hear him screaming,
waking sweating, merely to do it all again”?

What love is this that kills his spirit, not
that I should denounce you, seeking revenge;
but that I would understand your reasoning
that I might nurse the wounds buried within,
to help revive his faith, severed and dying…
devoured to this day by the maggots of war?
What love is this that slowly kills his children?

What, my God, were they fighting for?

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