Nancy L. Meek


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: June 9, 2003
Awarded: June 9, 2003
To be remembered
or laid among the starched white crosses, forgotten
nevermore to be brought to the forefront of the mind
lest a wayward tear or two should wet the pining eye
for what in the remembering do we gain, but a loss
the hole in a mother, relinquishing her child to God.

To be remembered
or tucked away in an old shoebox beneath her bed
medals of bravery, the purple heart he will never see
his photographs, fingered till her heart chooses to bleed
for he is no more…her pristine soldier, her loving son
scrawling letters hearthward, hoping the war will be over soon.

To be remembered
or buried in the deepest part of a mother’s yearning soul
who searched the shoreline for some sign of him there
waving at her from the deck, as his ship crawled to port
for she could not admit that he just might not return
lest she stand with broken heart in hand one bitter day.

To be remembered
or for a warm moment in May, to be briefly forgotten
lest all for which they fought should cease the dancing
‘neath freedom’s banner flapping happily in the breeze
for what in the brief forgetting do we gain, but a joy
earned by these perpetual ghostly ranks, advancing.