Nancy L. Meek


Nancy L. Meek: The Power Of The Soldier's Pen (IWVPA Bronzew Helmet Top Poet Award of Excellence - May 2001)He did not know where the war would take him
His future lay in shadow somewhere just ahead
He did not know the path he would follow
Would lead him where others feared to tread

He dreamed of home and family
And the world he left behind
A world where life was simple
With cares of a different kind

He did not know each step he took
Would make a difference in the end
That the world would wait, breathless
For the power of his pen

No, he did not know way back then
The new battle he would face
The quest for peace and love
For the entire human race

The world lay at his feet back then
Drenched in human blood
He did not know his poetry, his stories
Lay dormant in the mud

Then God, in His own special way,
Touched his heart and moved his hand
Shining his message upon the page
So the world could understand

He did not know how many souls would learn
Of the atrocities and aftermath of war
But with courage and determination
He fights the good fight forevermore

He does not fully know his gift to man
How God’s seed through him has taken root
How even way back then, he took a step
Causing the world to turn beneath his boot

Author’s Note: for Gary Jacobson