Nancy L. Meek


You are still fighting a battle
Which you feel you cannot win.
How can you show your gratitude
To those who’ve met their end?
How can you repay them truly
For everything they’ve done
When you still are so unsure
If their victory has been won;
If they really are in a heaven
With a God you cannot see?
Still, you go through the motions,
Hoping on bended knee.

“Where are the signs”, you ask,
“That point the way to the truth?”
“What do I need to do to find
Such unmistakable proof…
That indeed there is a for-ever-after,
A heaven without an end?”
The answer becoming imperious
For your heart and soul to mend,
So your nights will not be filled
With feeling you’ve left undone
That which would have changed things
In the heat of the battle’s sun.

You reach out to others, crying
In misery, too, at the end of the rope…
Stretching your hand to that elusive light
Which brings solace, love and hope;
Where the memories are kept alive
In the brotherhood of pain;
Where you are sweetly reminded
That you haven’t gone insane;
Where you can see a glimmer of heaven
Shining in the eyes of a friend;
Where hopes of life and eternal love
Are clutched, defiantly, to the bitter end.