Nancy L. Meek


God’s not accountable for the deeds of men,
for He gave them a will of their own till then,
when Heaven’s gates are opened wide
and those deemed righteous are allowed inside.

There is no saving grace on earth,
but comes from God who saw our birth
and called us His or called us not
who pray for mercy, the bloody lot.

No one can know whom He will save
or where each will go after the grave,
to heaven or hell indeed it will be,
but with perfect justice all will see.

If God could be sad, I think He would,
knowing He once said, “All is good.”
till man knew better, turned his back,
and strode with pride till he reached Iraq.

The End…? ~ A Trilogy

Part 1: So Weary of Seeing No End by Nancy L. Meek
Part 2: Is War’s End in Sight? by Gary Jacobson
Part 3: The End May Be Nearer Than You Think by Nancy L. Meek