Nancy L. Meek


Peace is not a part of war
just as love is not a part of hate.
Opposites indeed they are
‘tis the way I see it at any rate.

For war is war and only that
and peace is peace in and of itself.
I’ll give an example in this lil’ chat,
then return the matter to the shelf.

If someone, say, should eat a fruit
tasting only sweetness until he died,
hate for the taste would be a matter mute
for it would always look sweetly to his eye.

But if the fruit should have a seed
which chokes him to the point of death,
the victim will hate the seed indeed
until he has taken his very last breath;

Or, if the taste was bitter to the tongue
when first the partaker ate,
he would equate the taste to dung
and forever the bitterness hate.

‘Twas not the whole thing
but a mere part of the whole…
the seeds or the taste it did bring
|which caused the emotions to unfold

But there is no peace in war,
no part of it in there that can equate,
for it is a separate entity by far.
There is nothing shared to relate.

One will either love or hate war
or one will love or hate peace…
each a whole and exactly what they are
two opposite kinds of spiritual release.

Those who are inclined to peace
love it with all of their heart
and those who are inclined to war
can’t wait for another to start.

And if peace and war are to share in anything
it is in this one undeniable fact;
that both are part of an endless ring
until the circle is broken…
… When the Lord comes back.

Then the dead in Christ shall rise
and those remaining shall be changed,
swiftly… in the twinkling of an eye
with bodies immortal, forever rearranged

Jesus was born, bringing us eternal hope
and will save believers from all sin.
Your own understanding will not help you cope
for it is a battle that you, alone, cannot win.

His feet shall stop the rushing waves.
His voice shall calm the sea.
You only have to believe He saves
to be spiritually whole… eternally free!