Nancy L. Meek


Deep in the heart of Great Britain,
explosions have ripped apart trains
minutes before nine, over by ten,
terrorist bombers have struck again.

Innocent victims were murdered,
in buses and trains blown to bits
the worst attack on their fair city
since the WWII Germany blitz.

Suffering in pain, bleeding and dazed
they rose up from the Underground,
critical, amputeed, fractured, burned,
some but bloody bits strewn around.

Sobbing and trapped in the railway,
as their cars quickly filled with smoke,
they threw themselves onto the floor,
the lack of air causing them to choke.

Umbrellas were used to break windows
in their desperate attempt to gain air,
while above, the wounded were ferried,
as a light rain came, cleansing the affair.

But despite the bombs and the horror,
drenched in blood, the soot and the rain
the Brits will carry on… their streets reclaim,
the “Great” in Great Britain living up to the name!

July 7, 2005: Terrorists Attack Great Britain
July 7, 2005: A fourth explosion follows the three train blasts at 9:47 a.m. on the No. 30 bus near Tavistock Square
Fourteen people were killed