Nancy L. Meek


You have been to Hell and back
Only to return
Haven’t you?
Still shackled by fiery chains
Still burning you,
Still tugging at you
Still searching for answers

As an ungrateful nation
Took pleasure in spitting on you
Incessantly cursing you
Pointing its finger at you
As if you were the one to blame
For the consequences
Of the decisions of kings

A martyr for their cause
You suffer without empathy
Still feeling alone
Still so far from home
Searching for the end of the pain
The chains of Hell still choking
What little of you remains

Do you like what you see
Back there?
Doesn’t it scare the Hell out of you
Looking over your shoulder
Going back there?
I would think it must.

So, don’t go, my Love!
Stay here with me!
Rest your weary head
upon my breast, supple and warm
Allow my cool, perfumed hand
To smooth your furrowed brow
Let my kisses close your lids
Shutting out a frustrating world

Then dream, my Sweet,
of naught
but beautiful tomorrows
Peaceful shores greening
Autumn breezes blowing
Oceans of endless loving
Drowning all your sorrows

Let them pour from your soul
like water over the falls
Let it go… let it go
I’m here to catch you
Turn around
Fall into my arms
You’ll see

Then when the tears
begin falling
And your body racks
from the pain of it all
My lips will be here
to brush them softly away
Forever and a day

So come now, my Love
Don’t pull away
We haven’t much time
To break those chains
An eternity will be here
before you know it