Nancy L. Meek


Is there any end in sight
to crying in this realm?
Will war be here tomorrow,
to destroy and overwhelm?

Oh, the horrors I have seen
make Heaven even brighter,
more peaceful, more loving,
more tempting to this fighter.

No more human corpses
or smiles they used to wear,
full of life, dreams, a future
in photos everywhere.

No more starving children
staring through the screen
into my eyes… my heart,
naked and unclean.

No more scenes of men
killing one another
in Allah’s name… Amen!
Oh, let me see some other.

God, let me see a vision
devoid of tears and rain,
where evil can’t exist,
hunger, thirst nor pain.

If there’s any end in sight,
let me see it when I die,
where forever is the end
and mothers never cry.

The End…? ~ A Trilogy

Part 1: So Weary of Seeing No End by Nancy L. Meek
Part 2: Is War’s End in Sight? by Gary Jacobson
Part 3: The End May Be Nearer Than You Think by Nancy L. Meek