Nancy L. Meek


Napalm… in the morning…
the smell eats at your soul
all the livelong day
never going away
the final hell to pay
here to stay
remembering the battle
slaughtered driven cattle.

But no, it wasn’t really cattle
that reaped the smell…
of Napalm
that stink
that can drive a soul to drink
so close to the brink
of self-destruction
till a body can no longer function.

It wears on you… the memory
of what men can do
to each other
to his earthly brother
unlike any other
that smell of victory
stinks of death
lacking breath
napalmed… in the morning
without any warning
but whatcha gonna do
when war comes looking for you?

Go away, you say?
You don’t wanna hear about it?
Well, let me tell you about it… anyway!
The smell of victory
takes all shapes and forms
distorting all the norms
till you don’t recognize it
so great at disguising it
hiding beneath things like “need”
and greed
and words like freedom

Oh, take me away
I can’t bear it, I say!
‘Cause we’ll never be free
until we can truly see
that killing is not the answer
It’s only a cancer
growing and growing
in the minds of those not knowing
any other way
to stop the bloody fray
because they don’t have
God in their heart;
no true love to impart.

Oh, it just makes me want
to break down and cry
for all those people who die
whether via napalm, guns or knives
making widows of wives
does anybody care
out there?

Yes, where HAVE all the roses gone
leaving this garden stinking so bad
the only garden we’ve ever had
which, through all the years
still reeks with nasty weeds
all those evil seeds
sprouting their evil deeds
till everyone bleeds
and war hawks scream
We must declare war!

But are hawks any better
when it comes down the letter
of the law… God’s law
that we love one another
meaning every sister or brother
borne by an earthly mother

Oh, I can’t stand this grieving
that eats at my soul
and the constantly rising toll!

If this is what you call victory,
I’m throwing in my cards
walking away from the game
‘cause victory stinks!

Call me when the war is over!