Nancy L. Meek


The Union took up the war
to prove who rules the land,
displaying ever since then,
their mighty sovereign hand;

The masters work that way
to control what folk can do,
usurping the rights of many,
to promote their point-of-view.

In light of their heated debates
concerning who’s in charge,
they proved that all aren’t equal
in the struggle, by and large.

Supporting the Union’s cause,
Lincoln sent men and arms
to force the Rebs to desist,
which triggered loud alarms.

Their cottoned-lives unraveled
before their astonished eyes,
learning they were but slaves!
Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

But Lincoln knew man’s nature,
that most would live like kings
than bow to something grander,
for such might cramp their wings.

To protect their social state,
he struck the heart of the south,
which set the battles in motion,
and with it, the Rebel’s mouth.

Those ruffians cursed the foe
who would tell them how to live,
for it smacked of British sins,
which they could not forgive.

They bled and died rebelling
with brothers who thought as they,
who wanted to make their own laws
for it served their southern way.

Some say their quest was futile,
as the rebellion limped to its end,
but the struggle for man’s own kind
took up the grander to defend.

Author’s Note: Inspired by “Gettysburg Oration” By Edward Everett “Surrender at Appomattox, 1865