Nancy L. Meek


Tonight the skies are silent
From planes ordered to the ground
A government-issued warning
Till the terrorists could be found

The American people are grieving
For innocent victims killed
With malice, without warning
Thousands of hearts forever stilled

They were hard-working citizens
Merely in search of the American dream
A job, a home and a family
Enjoying their lives in freedom’s beam

But tonight the skies are silent
Their voices being heard no more
No mothers kissing their children
No fathers coming through the door

Friends and neighbors met their end
Uncles, Aunts, sons and daughters, too
Nieces, nephews, grandparents
Killed today by a demonic few

Yes, the skies are silent tonight
All airports have been closed
Government buildings set on fire
From forces of evil imposed

We watched in abject horror
As the towers burst into flames
American lives becoming shattered
The victims of vile human games

Oh, my God, we could not believe
What our eyes told us was true
Our very own passenger planes
Were slicing the towers in two

Disguised as one of our own
Balls of fire billowed into the sky
Out of the dragon’s mouth it came
Belching hatred on the towers on high

People came running from everywhere
To help out where they could
Americans all helping one another
United in their brotherhood

People were hanging out of windows
The flames licking behind them there
Some in business suits began jumping
Their matching ties flapping in the air

But, the moment was short-lived
For the towers came crashing down
One after the other, shuddering
Steel and dust crashing to the ground

The cloud of dust sent them fleeing
Away from the tragic site
Running in panic for their lives,
Running with all their might

When the dust finally settled
The survivors returned to lend a hand
For this is the American way
To pull together, helping one’s fellow man

The streets of the Capitol are silent tonight
As silent as the vacant skies
Everywhere there is a deathly quiet
As we ponder on the whys

Shock gives way to anger
For the atrocities we’ve been dealt
The attacks by these butchers
Every American has felt

They want to frighten us into chaos
Bring our great nation to the ground
Destroy and divide us, like the towers
Laughing as they bring us down

But we will not let that happen
For united we will stay
Fighting for all that’s right and good
Defending freedom all the way

We will seek out those responsible
Make them answer for what they’ve done
Holding them utterly accountable
For the death of every one

What did these Americans do
To deserve this act of war?
Silenced, may they rest in peace
Free at last on heaven’s shore

Tonight, among the buildings’ rubble
Another innocent victim dies
We look to heaven for the reasons
But, for now, all we hear are silent skies