Nancy L. Meek


Fear, grief, desperation
mothers wailing over coffins
hundreds of funeral processions
snaking through the city streets.
Don’t tell me, Lord, you’ll do nothing
to change the greedy hearts of those
who would perform such hideous acts
Don’t tell me you can’t stop more attacks.
Frantic families searching for some still lost
weeping folk bearing flowers in their hands
two sisters at rest in one wreath-laden grave
Don’t tell me, Lord, you will never understand.
Trembling arms bearing portraits of their dead
just dark-haired children who didn’t have a clue
for they thought school was a place to get ahead
Oh, please! I know there is something you can do.
Take those precious students into your eternal arms
away from this classroom of fools perpetuating harms
away from the tools they use to draw more blood and hate
for their brains are closed, having learned nothing to this date

Nancy L. Meek: School 1
Mourning for her son… Beslan, North Ossetia
Photograph: Reuters