Nancy L. Meek


I don’t want to be the father of a hero.
I just want him here with me; that’s all.
Without him near, my life means zero.
I don’t want to spend it hugging a wall.

I just want him here, here with me
where I can still see his smiling face,
here, with his mom, wife and his family,
who looks just like him, by the way.

I want him here, just like he was before,
before he had this brand new mouth to feed
before he said, “I’m leaving, Dad, to join the war.”
And I said, “Son, don’t be a hero”… and he agreed.

Author’s Note: Inspired by Randy’s post; thank you, Randy!

“I don’t know how many of you watch Tom Brokaw at NBC news but I just had to walk away from the set for awhile. They had the parents, wife, and newborn son of a young marine who was killed Monday in Fallujah. His son, their first child, was born on that Monday. The Mom suggested that the two of them passed on that day… one on the way down here and one on the way up. Then the father tearfully exclaimed… “I don’t want to be the father of a hero… I just want my son.” God bless them all, Tom included… his eyes and voice gave his heart away!”…… Randy E. Richmond