Nancy L. Meek

(Ode to our Peacemakers)

What will we do when our heroes are gone,
when there’s nobody left to right any wrong;
who’ll stand up and shout, “It’s simply not right!
God does not want us to murder and fight!
If so, He would never have sent us His Son
to teach us, His children, to love everyone,
including those people who plot our demise
believing we’re SATAN, the master of lies.”?

My humble opinion is that they are wrong,
but what will it matter if our heroes are gone,
indifferent to Truth and the path we should choose
when the fork before us bodes nothing to lose
“war” just as good as the one we should trod,
like flipping-a-coin for either Satan or God.
Blindly obeying our kings when they’re wrong,
what will we do when our heroes are gone?