Nancy L. Meek


I don’t believe that God loves war,
or that He’s there on either side
where the goal is blood and gore
realized with cheers and pride,
instead of tears for what’s been done
in the hallowed name of God above,
who sent His only begotten Son
to command His children “to love”.

But, I do believe that Satan rules,
because the bullets continue to fly
as teens, entering middle schools,
are groomed to not ask why,
but to wave the war flags higher
and to join the prestigious corps
of the war hawks-for-a-cause
that war-scarred veterans abhor.

When will we learn that wars won’t cease
as long as Satan, that vile devil, reigns,
dangling in our face a man-made peace
convincing our race it’s worth the maimed,
the orphans, the widows, the soldiers dead,
and the homes still in rubble upon the ground,
taking all sides that seek blood to shed…
servants of war, where angels of light abound.