Nancy L. Meek


Just war is war and not mere murder
or so some will declare,
as civil authorities (“Civil? Really?”)
attack vile demons in their lair
with lethal force, bombed tout de suite
(before the sun can rise
while in their quiet beds they sleep)
the victims of “Surprise!”

“Surprise! The war has come to thee!
Your fate is by my hand!”
declares the king upon his throne,
“You’ll do as I command!
for the Pope has slithered off to hide
behind his polished walls,
and there he will in prayer abide
afraid to walk your halls.

Afraid to show his face to you
or his ring for you to kiss,
the Pope hath bowed to righteous me,
in my pre-emptiveness,
as I declare a war on you
and oust your precious king,
in communion with the devil,
who’ll sink to anything.”

Confusion is the devil’s tool.
What more is there to say?
You either love and treasure peace,
or you make the devil’s day…
declare that war is not mere murder,
defend and follow hate,
propagate the lie always
and swear, “It’s not too late.”

God comes first, your nation second,
like Love comes first, and then man’s laws;
for embraced the backward way,
you’ll join in the applause
to murder first, in blind obedience. . .
to pull the trigger, then ask why;
to deny your Christ, then tell God later,
“Save me first, then let me die.”

Inspired by the article by William T. Cavanaugh, May 23, 2003