Nancy L. Meek


You might relate to his every verse,
have seen much less or even worse,
closed the lids on comrades’ eyes,
felt their blood or braved their cries,
turned away to resume the war
relived by some forevermore.

Read the poetry and you will see
between his rhymes the travesty
with songs embedded of that day
when a year was a lifetime faraway
as boys from every town and state
were passed a gun and taught to hate
and to kill and to kill and to kill until
some inside are fighting still.

There’s poetry behind his stare,
in photos which take you there
back there where some still live
still giving all they had to give
in a tug of war for their humanity;
on the other end… the insanity.

Author’s Note: This poem refers to Gary Jacobson’s Website of War Poetry, Photography, and Vietnam War Picture Tour