Nancy L. Meek


I knew where you were going
when you left for those foreign skies
Thank God you failed to notice
those waiting tears behind my eyes.

Thank God you were not with me
in my dreams to see me squirming,
watching you die a different death
each night, my guts inside churning.

I knew where you were going
having charged over that same wall
twice in and out of hell a lifetime ago
doing my humble part for the good of all.

Thank God you thought me strong,
this old man now reaching up his hand
to brush away a tear at your words
only another soldier would understand.

I knew where you were going
but now that your journey is done,
my brother-in-arms, I stand in awe,
proudly saluting how far you’ve come.

Author’s Note: Author’s Note: Inspired by the relationship between Randy and Tracy Richmond: Father and Son: Vietnam Veteran and Desert Storm Veteran respectively