Nancy L. Meek


So what if we’re humiliated!
Just bring them home, I say.
Why does it seem to matter
that we’ll look bad some day?

What, pray tell, is more important…
our pride… or beating hearts?
How many more of them must stop
before our cold one starts?

Even though the studies show
that fewer souls have died today,
don’t you think it matters more
that even one must die this way?

We send our fittest sons and daughters
to risk their lives on distant shores.
‘Better there… than here at home.”
But, “Why?” my heart implores.

They hate us more than yesterday,
because we’re here… not there,
where daily life’s a living hell,
thanks to us… who claim to care.

We will usher in our downfall,
but better here than on their soil,
where… but for the grace of God
we’d bomb them all, to save the oil.

Author’s Note: This was inspired by comments posted in the Editorial section of our local newspaper, “The Post and Courier”. The comments also inspired me to compose the poem entitled, “Warning! Contents of Bag May Become Unsettling!