Nancy L. Meek


Painting “Faces” ©Copyright 2004 by Bernie “Doc” Duff
Painting “Faces” ©Copyright 2004 by Bernie “Doc” Duff
On high, Winged Warriors swarm thick air…
riding in on iron stallions above the din;
their eyes… locked on the deadly affair;
pulling from somewhere, fresh adrenalin.

Below, brothers in a world-of-harms await…
precariously dangling from a thin strand of life;
their eyes… locked on skies above the hate
their fate resting in Hands above the fight.

Faces, contorted by hope and despair…
dolefully retorting death’s bitter applause,
their eyes… locked on all they saw there
love and hate, forever loyal to their cause.

Submitted for the July 2004 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Loyalty