Nancy L. Meek


The wings of war have ripped you from my arms
Without malice, without warning
On lion’s paws, without a sound
I live each hour, each second unable to breathe
For you are my breath, my life
My reason for existing in this world
If they only knew how much you are missed
They would never have taken you
So far from family, life and love

War brings no comfort to my heavy heart
Only visions of you sweating,
Bleeding, running, fighting,
Forever dying in nightmares without end
Without hope, without love
With nowhere to run
Each night I reach for you there beside me
Unable to sleep, Unable to forget
Your touch, your smell
The warmth of your hand against my breast

I ache for you in that warm and secret place
Where only you have been
Unashamedly, undressing me
Pushing me to places I have never known before
With fierce love, with grace
So tenderly patient, yet strong
Lifting me to the height of heaven’s open door
Wishing no end to its power
No end to the sound
Of our two hearts beating together in time

My dear sweet soldier of love,
I pray you come home soon.
With all my love,