Nancy L. Meek


There’s no such thing as an absent God
as we kill our fellow man,
no deed He doesn’t see
as we seek to spoil His plan,
designed before the earth was new
when an angel lost his wings,
in his quest to be like “God!!!”
our Lord, the King of kings,
who made the stars above
and everything below,
including the will of man
still moving to and fro
sowing seeds of Love
or Hate, that noxious weed
created by Almighty God
who gives us all we need,
lest Love be deemed a stone,
a jewel that doesn’t glow,
instead of what it is…
the God we’d kill to know.

Please read the sequel to this poem, “God Has a Bad Memory” ~ ©Copyright July 31, 2007 by Nancy L. Meek