Nancy L. Meek


Nancy L. Meek: Journey for PeacePart those supernal tear-soaked pillows!
Oh, Lustrous Bird of Sweet Release!
Spread your feathered limbs wide!
Brave the journey bearing Peace!
Search that distant elusive horizon
to guide you through God’s open sky
for so very much now depends on you…
Just ask the loved ones of those who died.

Ask the war orphans who suffer alone
who’ll see their loved ones nevermore;
ask anyone who has ever been there
at the receiving end of atrocious War
for No One knows better than they
what it’s like to live without Peace
when any hour might be their last
or that of a brother, cousin or niece.

Peace is much more than just a word
because of the ecstasy it can bring
to those who have existed with War
a daily diet… a most noxious thing
fearing for themselves… their families,
praying fervently just to stay alive
as friends… neighbors simply disappear
the rest wondering if they will survive.

Oh, soar up and onward, Wings of Peace!
Zero-in on their waiting shore
May they receive awesome solace at last
that the persistent past will up and flee
no more to breathe free and blow
such atrocities in murderous wind
where women are surgically beheaded
on the doorstep of their weeping kin.

Tyrants feel not one ounce of remorse
when their own people hunger and bleed.
To them, torture is merely a recourse
to get them what they feel they need
and what they need is still more power
to continue doing the things they do…
killing, maiming, gassing, passing the hour
hating you, it seems, for just being you.

Wanting to dwell in Peace and Harmony
is not really too much to ask, is it?
Living under a tyrant is not living
each day a new horror coming to visit.
Oh, that we would make no mistake:
If we could walk one day in their shoes,
we’d pray, too, others might find a way
to deliver to us some heartening news.

So, make way for the Spirit of Peace
his wings beating against azure blue
transporting the message over there
that some do care… they certainly do
yearning to help them make it through
the aftermath of a tyrant’s evil reign,
tortured souls simply making his day,
his lance dripping death and pain.

Then soar homeward, Oh Blessed Dove!
Propel your breast toward our shore
where families weep for those they love
who lost their lives for Peace via War
sent into the battle with a job to do
by leaders who could find no other way
than to sacrifice our own for Peace for a few
that is, until another tyrant makes our day.

You flew the course many miles before
bringing the sign of life within your beak,
God’s Obedient Messenger… in days of yore.
Oh, that all could, as clearly, hear Him speak!
Take special care, Fraternal Precious Bird,
for your duties in this world are far from done.
You see, we’ll need you to convey the Word
‘til the Final Earthly Battle has been won.