Nancy L. Meek


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: January 27, 2009
Awarded: January 27, 2009
Allow me to butt-in as fresh bullets fly,
as yet more soldiers promote “the great lie”,
and toddlers ask where their daddy is,
or question Mommy, “Which war is this?”

The two World Wars are over and done
while Korea remains the forgotten one,
fading to black like The Nam and Iraq,
bloody executions we can’t take back.

But, you weren’t here those wars ago,
when people, whom you did not know,
honed their offspring to kill and maim,
with pomp and ceremony in God’s name.

As for me, I’ve done my time in war,
became a fly atop warm guts and gore,
begetting maggots some call poetry,
in hopes I could abate war’s insanity.

Gung-ho, I whittled a slew of poetic darts,
to evoke a few tears from hardened hearts
until, grown numb, they cried no more,
no longer so shocked or in-awe-of-war.

They grew, like you, to condone the fight,
to imbibe a disturbing patriotic delight
from mass-murder-to-thunderous-applause,
spewing phlegm on God’s holiest-of-laws.

If you are at war, fall down on your knees
and pray for God’s mercy with fervent pleas,
that He may forgive you, as the bullets fly
and your saluting children march off to die.

This poem inspired the response, “What is the Great Lie?” ~ ©Copyright January 26, 2009 by Colin F. Jones