Nancy L. Meek


In a war of blood and chaos,
death, destruction and tears,
one patriot stands out,
applauded by his peers.

No matter where life took him
on the path we humans trod,
he packed some extra weapons…
his faith and trust in God.

Though wounded by grenades,
he saw the battle through,
then phoned his wife and said,
“I’ve got more work to do.”

His doctor weaved his magic
then helped him out the door.
Decked in a borrowed uniform,
he hustled back to the war.

His first day back on the job,
he saved two bros from death
as he shot a rooftop sniper,
who’ll never draw another breath.

His bros were grateful as hell
and grinned from ear-to-ear
as they slapped him on his butt,
right on his wound… Oh, dear!

In pain, he fought back tears,
his eyes growing glassy red;
but, he never told them it hurt
till at their reunion, years ahead.