Nancy L. Meek


In the arena of human games,
each generation vies for the gold…
believing they are smarter than the last
are stronger… braver than those of old.

Each cannot see the victory
does not lie in the bigger gun,
for all that remains in the end
is death under a satanic sun.

In playing the game, many will die
or suffer the rest of their days…
mere shells of their former selves
or maimed in countless ways.

Some, by God’s grace, will recover…
crawling from the arena alive,
destined to warn of the madness
which they barely did survive

“What price are you willing to pay”
They will ask to those coming after,
“to step into the arena today?”…
The warning receives mere laughter.

“Will you sacrifice sons and daughters
to prove you are in the right?”
“Can you not think of a better way
to stop this senseless fight?”

“Isn’t love a part of the equation…
or does hate plus hate equal peace?
Two negatives a positive do not make,
thus the wars will never cease!”

“Will your children learn from your example
and mimic your cowardly ways,
putting pride above all else that matters…
dooming their futures to repeat the craze?”

“Can you not turn your back on the arena,
teach your children to love, not hate…
to be smarter than those they came after
I dare you… before it’s too late!”

This poem inspired the response, “Human Obligations” ~ ©Copyright August 21, 2001 by Colin F. Jones