Nancy L. Meek


It was not God who struck the towers,
but satanic angels, who deceive carnal man.
“But, why didn’t God stop them?” you ask.
Well, it was not part of our Father’s plan.

It began with the onset of the spiritual battle
between Satan and God, the Creator of all.
Since Adam, like God, could do as he willed,
he chose the forbidden and made himself fall.

He ignored our Creator, who had given him life,
who had molded his body from breathless clay.
And because Adam and Eve ate from God’s tree,
God made them mortals, then sent them away.

That was in the Day of both Adam and Eve
and all those created in the image of God;
and until that hour when Jesus was slain,
darkness rained on the path man trod.

But now, we are blessed with the Holy Spirit,
which moves our hearts to please God above,
(whose Mercy abounds for all of His children)
whose One True Desire is that we will Love.

So, when we hear of those whose will is Evil,
like those who will towers to fall from the sky,
loaded with people who were killed with malice,
you will know that Love did not will them to die.