Nancy L. Meek


When heroes stop saving their own precious lives,
what’s going to happen to their children and wives
as their leader declares he will wreak hell on earth
resurrecting Conscription for all he is worth,
demanding they do what the hell they are told,
that is if they want to survive and grow old?

Imagine… just imagine… if en masse they said, “NO!
Do what you will, but we are NOT going to go!”

‘Tis true they may perish, along with their kin;
then again, all may not, since it never has been.
Who knows what effect it might have on their foe
if they wreaked love, not hell, in this realm here below?

This tactic would mean they must never strike back,
no more “an-eye-for-an-eye” when under attack.
Though billions should die and/or torture ensue,
they must be held blameless in whatever they do;
till some foe, somewhere, fighting sleep every night,
stands up one dawn, screaming, “This is not right!”