Nancy L. Meek


A symbol of world peace, the towers stood
Representing man’s belief in humanity
Individual dignity, sharing in worldly brotherhood
Twin towers rising above human insanity

From countries the world over, they came
Satisfying a compelling need for world peace
Joining hands, cooperating in world trade
Fulfilling a dream which would never cease

Then evil forces slammed into the monument
On September the eleventh, two thousand one
As the world watched in utter astonishment
Plumes of smoke and dust blotting out the sun

“Oh, my God! Oh my God!” came the screams
As those on the streets looked up from below
Never, ever, in anyone’s wildest dreams
Could they imagine such a horrific blow.

Inside the trembling towers, explosions came
Vomiting flames across the morning sky
Extracting from tongues God’s holy name
Burning prayers that loved ones would not die

Trapped beyond hope, some victims called home
Leaving last goodbyes to loved ones on tape
Incredibly calm, some must have known
For them, there would be no escape

We must make this country a better place to live
Free from terrorists who harbor evil intent
Safe for those who only wish peace to give
A good example to countries on every continent

To do otherwise is to be the eagle in flames
Falling from the sky by terrorists’ evil plot
We must fight in this arena of human games
Protecting our freedoms with all we’ve got

Many years in those towers, some had worked
Surviving the bombing in nineteen ninety three
But little did they know in their future lurked
Suicidal terrorists on another killing spree

For these victims, there would be no more chances
To battle the flames of a satanic pyre
Confirmed through one child’s upward glances,
“Look, Mommy, even the birds are on fire!”