Nancy L. Meek


1st Lt. Therrel Shane Childers, USMC
In Honor of 1st Lt. Therrel Shane Childers, USMC, the first American killed in the war with Iraq on March 21, 2003

1st Lt. Therrel Shane Childers, USMC
He’s conquered the highest mountains
with boy-scout eyes on the tasks ahead,
from “The Stumps” to a heavenly summit,
a true blue Marine, born and bred.

He has personified fierceless energy,
purest valor in defending the meek,
determination in the face of a challenge,
a protector of the faint and the weak.

He’s cradled newborn life in his arms,
embraced the love of family and friends,
mentored to those who would know him,
a candle aflame, ever-burning both ends.

He lived to experience his dream come true,
to be one of the few of his nation’s elite,
to become, at last, the best he could be,
his heart and soul betrothed to “The Fleet”.

He was said to be “married to the corps”,
as he rose through the ranks with the best,
“good to go” since the day he was born,
a shining achiever when put to the test.

He was genuine, focused, and disciplined,
doing the right things in the very best way,
making it easy to remember him, his vigor,
that deep laugh of his, forever and a day.

He’s earned his stripes in the heat of battle,
the First of the Few to give all on the scene
by land, air or sea… to make peace or die,
proud through it all to be called “A Marine”.

He has left his mark on the hearts of many,
filled them with pride and memories clear
when uncommon valor was a piece of cake
for Therrel Shane Childers, a man of no fear.

He’s braved the valley of the war on terror,
been laid to rest beneath Wyoming sky
in the freakin’ bosom of the land he loved.
Hooh Raah! First of the Few, Semper Fi!